Regina Adriatica extra strawberry jam

The red berries, which carry their seeds on the outer core, conquer us with their scent, aroma and enchanting taste.
Many agree that there is no more perfect berry in the world than a juicy, red strawberry. Trapped in juicy jam, they provide enjoyment all year round…
When you open a jar of Regina Adriatica extra strawberry jam in the winter months, you will be thrilled by delicious taste of sweet berries. Besides the fact that all Regina Adriatica jams are made from a large content of fruit, they also contain small pieces of fruit that give to every spread an interesting note and fruit small bites texture, but without additional calories.
Without preservatives, all Regina Adriatica extra jams are long lasting groceries thanks to the way they are cooked, prepared and packed, so you can be sure that the food you consume is completely natural.
Produced from 80g of fruit per 100g of end product.
Ingredients: strawberry, sugar, concentrated lemon juice, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), pectin.
Pasteurized. Does not contain preservatives, artificial food colors or flavors.
After opening, store in the refrigerator.
Neto: 400g
Nutrition facts100 g20 g (1 serving)
Energy value (kj/kcal)813 kJ / 191 kcal163 kJ / 38 kcal
Total Fat0,50 g0,10 g
Saturated Fat0,10 g0,02 g
Total Carbohydrate45,00 g9,00 g
Sugar43,00 g8,60 g
Protein00,50 g0,10 g
Sodium0,06 g0 g